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Most teams rely on standups to keep everyone connected every day, we focus on making them better.

Auto-generate your daily standups

Automatically generated list of everything you and your teammates have done each day. No need to do the hard work yourself or waste time during your meetings.

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Dynamically updates as the day progresses

Each day is automatically updated with all the changes that were done by the team.

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Easily track blockers

Keep your team unblocked at all times by tracking blockers and tackling them before they negatively impact your team and your time to delivery

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track team mood

Track team mood

Prioritise your teams health. Each team member can log their daily mood making it easier to track a teams happiness and motivation over time.

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Always have a record and know exactly what happened

Browse through your team's log for each day. No more guessing and searching through, everything is easily visible and centralised.

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Make your progress visible

Track the progress on your team's epics right within your daily standup. Clearly visible progress updates within the current cycle and overall progress.

Coming soon...
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A slack bot that works for you

Set teamwork on autopilot. A bot that runs daily standups, collects updates, and posts them to your slack channels at a time and pace that suits your team.

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Slack coming soon
GitHub coming soon

Get code insights

Connect your Github account and get smart insights into pull requests and code deployments. Surface dependencies on pull requests and code reviews as part of your daily standups.

Coming soon...
GitHub coming soon

Make your standups rock today!

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